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Lost in some wild-wild thought and suddenly realizing it was burning out fast between his fingers, he parted his lips effortlessly and took a very long drag. With the way he closed his eyes so tightly and the way he tilted his head sideways, you’d think his entire life depended on this last one. The best drags are the last.. Apparently.

When the lil thing was almost burning his black underpot-like lips, he withdrew it and with a rather despaired look, he let out the smoke lazily. You’d have felt he was saying BYE to a lover he wouldn’t be seeing again ever.

But you’d have no reason on earth to doubt that for as long as he puffed the wrap, he found peace… A totally ethereal kind.

My lungs in exchange for momentary peace, how about that for barter?



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Who am I?

I am just another face in the crowd.

Who the Bloody hell am I.. A pretty face. A smile to Ignite your soul, Known by everyone and yet by no one.

I mean. Who the bloody hell! bloody hell!

But let me tell you who I am.

“I am Bambi, the epitome of beauty the face you wake up to. The one you fall asleep thinking about. My voice. It is like the flow of a gentle breeze luring your soul to a beautiful rest, caressing your mind, your soul, your very essence, calling you in. The Ultimate manipulator, the one who posses the touch that makes every other touch NOTHING. I posses the smile that strikes a cord within you, it ignites your passion, it shows you the beauty that lies within, encouraging you to dive in. “I”choose for you what to believe. I FEED it…

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Life’s not shitty…

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I might have a lil secret for you’.

He said, grinning. I could guess what he was talking about. The motherfucker has been single for 5 years, 9 months, 22 days, several hours and …. You are wondering how I know all these? Well, I’m his guardian angel. He is Ted and he is my best friend.

He had a terrible breakup couple of years back. He found his girlfriend in bed with his brother, Terry. And that’s no lie. It’s not what it looks like they said, but what else does it mean when two adults are in bed. One lying down and the other on top. Moving endlessly and letting out funny sounds. Well, it can only mean one thing. He broke up with the bitch.. Of course! And Terry, till today.. They are sworn enemies. They don’t talk. Their parents have no idea what the problem between them is.

They probably never would.

Ted was traumatized. He became a misogynist. We’ve been friends from way back. And after his only brother betrayed him, he became way more than a friend to me. He became my very own blood.

I never cease to urge his ass to move on and try another lady. That’s the only talk that makes us argue. And this cold morning, the bloody shigger is dressing up and smiling like an idiot!

What’s up with you guy? Are you going on a date why shine so bright?

Hence, the ‘I might have a lil secret for you’ line.

He didn’t say no and he didn’t give me that face he usually gives when I insinuate anything woman related. I have something real going on. And I want this kind of happiness for him as well but I can’t push too hard.

I charged fiercely at him and held his throat. Talk idiot! Talk! There’s a lady now??

I was so happy I almost cried when he said

Maybe‘ and he smiled damn broadly!

He made me promise not to push the talk. It’s been going on for a couple of days now, and he just didn’t want to talk about it for fear of jinxing it. Superstitious prick!

You owe me all the details when you return. ‘Don’t die on the road son’. I said.

Later Pop. He retorted and hurried out

About Five hours later, he called me. But he was not the one on the other side. The voice ain’t familiar either. Sweats poured out of my forehead and froze almost immediately. I just had a sick feeling. I had reasons to. The man just said to come to an hospital downtown. Said Ted is sick and he’s asking to see just me. The fuck! He just left home I screamed at the voice on the other side! And he was healthier than a racing horse I added. Whoever the bastard on the other side is, he stopped talking. He just said to come as soon as possible. I ran out. Until I got to the hospital, I didn’t know I had just a singlet on. I swear down, I don’t know how I got there!

Where’s Ted!!!!!!!

I shouted right there at the reception at whoever would listen.

A man came out. Said to calm down and come with him. I declined. I’m not going anywhere with you. I pushed him away. He almost fell and if you think I give a shitass about that, you are kidding!

He gained his balance and started a sermon about how I am a man. And how my number is the most dialed on Ted’s phone and that’s why they called me. I was trying to listen, but I was failing at it. Terribly.

He said to walk with him. He opened a door. And there.. In the middle of the room was Ted;

On a slab.




Wools were tucked into his ears and nose already. The earth was spinning goddamn fast around me.

Oh shit! I have been dreaming. And this has been a long nightmare. I said out loud.

But no, it’s no dream.

It’s reality and I’m living in it.

I only have one question… How? But I couldn’t even ask that.

Doc said he slumped on the way and was rushed in. Slumped? That suddenly didn’t sound like an English word to me anymore.

I summoned up courage and walked towards the body. One slow step after another. Ted was stiff. I couldn’t touch him. And I felt shivers, quick ones run through me.

And right there, in that room… I died too. Deep inside. That was the day I stopped believing in ANYTHING.

Life’s not shitty, it’s way worse.


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There’s a tasty kind of inspiration I draw from depression.. And I don’t know what that says about my mental health. Life gives me a choice to either be happy and uninspired (often) or to be sad and mused right up to seventh Heaven! A bit of turbulence keeps me buzzing. My quest for solitude, absolute self-sufficiency and things intensely uncanny scares me silly.



The True Religion (Precede)

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A thought provoking piece, penned by a dearly beloved brother – Damola Joseph.

Devour this already!


A time-period once and frequent,

I, stood still to maintain a gaze

At the wide-eyed high skies(Heavens),

Imaginations runs in the wild, questions abound.

Nearly demented over the mysteries surround.

Loud I yelled at a bird fly by.

Maybe it will transport my wanderings Into the innermost Heavens.

Uninterested bird, Building nests, eating grains, its purpose bent.

Negative! My questioning isn’t obsessed with Whether or not a Creator exist.

That is settled!

And that Atheist friend of yours, Bob.

The loopily-looney young chap living in Moloney.

How far will he go believing in the Big Bang? Crazy!

Does he still hold his conviction That Humanity evolved from Apes?

Funny! Lest I forget, extend him my banana regards.

Ask him to observe the encompassing Universe.

He might see the spiritual presence he averse.

Ask him to observe the planetary movement,

He will see a navigation precise.

Now, instruct him to roll a million dice.

You ask, will it suffice?


Ask him to derive a mathematical probability of a six in all.

That will be all.

Unlike Bob, your friend, I believe in the Creator.

I believe to serve, worship and extol the Creator.

But, which is the “True Religion”, whence my confusedness!

©-Damola Joseph

Man In The Mirror

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In the end, all that really matters is you. The choices you make. The compromises. The decisions. The chances you let go. The options unconsidered. The sacrifices. The habits you stick to. The people you let in. The job you choose. The people you love. And we never really know right choices from the bad ones till way past the 11th hour at times. But in good faith, we just hope the choices don’t haunt too much. A chance at a re-do, often not available. Humans are all shitty. And you won’t get treated the same you’d do people, no.. Never. And you’d be hurt. But then (A) moving on. (B) letting go. (C) Staying put| are choices you’d always get to make. May providence guide all choices made and may the good Lord never cease to whisper what path we should tread. But in the end, in the far end… All that really matters is you. And you. And you alone. Never settle for less, and never be scared of being alone for the true essence of who you really are, are often in those moments of utter solitude. ¶The Man In The Mirror¶

(Mumbled, jumbled, higgedly-piggedly and impulsively written)

Me, My insomnia and You 

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When insomnia plagues my soul, & my soul can’t seem to find the rest it needs, & I have you right next to me, trust me.. I’m as blessed as father Abraham was!! I’d watch U sleep. Listen to the sound of your breath. Glide on the pitch of your snores. Smile endlessly & marvel at the INTENSITY of your ENTIRETY. I’d evaluate every bit of you & unceasingly take in every lil detail. This is my chance to know you.. Yes it is. Know you in a way you don’t know yourself & never will. You’d never watch yourself sleep.. Not in this life. I’d swell with excitement and play with your hair. Somehow.. You’d twitch & see me watching you. You’d open those beautiful eyes gently & I’d help you peel off the crust & peck that forehead. You’d be sad that I can’t sleep. But I’d tell you ‘fuck that baby, I’m happy I can’t. I have you to adore’. You’d kiss me, won’t you? Of course. I always tell you I love the taste of your staleness. It’s weird to you, but it is what it is. When you love people, and they don’t ask ‘How can you love this about me?’ up your game yo! Make them feel like gods! Love the shittiest details mehn! And I’d say, ‘you didn’t snore too loudly today’. You’d say ‘Hey, I didn’t even snore at all!’. I’d give you that what-do-u-know look. ‘You snored, you did. But like always, it was symphony to my soul. I was trying to hum to its inconsistent pattern’. And you’d laugh. And  say ‘oh my God!’.. And I’d laugh too. And tighten my embrace & you’d lean in. Fully. And whatever happens next is not my fault, neither is it yours. & then, maybe after hitting climax, (after you though).. I’d be too exhausted & I’d finally get to crash with you still wrapped up in my arms like the foil on some expertly made shawarma. And I’d smile as I drift calmly into utter unconsciousness. I’d never understand how someone like me can be so blessed with so much happiness. I’d whisper ‘I luv you’ sleepily into your ears. You’d say ‘I luv u t…’ but the too won’t come out fully. Sleep whisked u away before you delivered your speech. I’d chuckle. You just sleep too easily.